domain names for sale

Domain names for sale

Domainaholik has a list of domain names for sale. They were purchased with the intention of being developed into full fledged sites. Due to time constraints, we make the domains available for those of you who have more immediate projects requiring a great domain name.

Domains For Sale

Acronym domain names:

Apparel domain names:

Employment & Career domain names:

Finance domain names:

Food & Drink domain names:

Name domain names:

Housing / Real Estate domain names:

Singles, Dating & Families domain names:

Sports domain names:

Travel domain names:


Why does a particular domain name matter?

You may think you can register any domain and all will be fine. True, any domain name will technically work, however there are advantages to choosing a more marketable domain name for your business. For example:

  • A domain that easy to convey verbally (no hyphens; keep it short)
  • A domain that can be remembered
  • A domain that looks professional (hyphens, long length, odd/inappropriate domain 'suffixes' all signal unprofessionalism)
  • A domain that may get a boost in search (keyword-friendly domains)
  • A domain that is target-market appropriate (e.g. if your customers are Canadian, a .ca domain signals the site is for them and will ship to them)